heart (land

what makes a heart?

time               dirt               weather

heart (land.jpg

closer to Denver than Los Angeles

we become our true shapes over centuries            millennia

it is impossible to see             to know

sometimes, though, a glimpse through the veil

what came before                       what will remain


Hello from the future

The problem is often being in two places at one time. But sometimes I  fail at being in one place at one time:

hello from the future.jpg

This space is a time zone of its own. Here, it is already tomorrow. I know there is an explanation. The explanation is not that I set this up in Australia. I know there is another explanation. I do not want to know what it is. I do not want to understand the mechanics.

I exist in the space between. I believe in the magic of two or more countries.

Time zones

I have taken to pretending this space does not exist. It is preferable to knowing it has been abandoned. Yesterday, a friend reminded me to visit.

My times are not quite right. I haven’t really slept since Sunday. And as for this space. It has been years.

Why Sunday? Why today? Sunday I travelled from Australia to the States. Today, one friend told another friend that I had just returned. I am always just returning. And sometimes I get lost.

Why Sunday? Why today? Sunday, my daily sonnet is dated 2/17. Today, and I notice every day since Sunday, it is mistakenly dated 3/21. I have made corrections. But where did the month go? Have I lived February and most of March? How was it? How was it for you?