Some of the things that happened yesterday

1. Ruthie got out of Coffs Harbour. She’s been waiting a long time. Bon voyage kiddo!

2. “If you think it’s boring to fight for self-determination, then you shouldn’t be a poet.” – Amiri Baraka

3. I dedicated my yoga practice to my brother’s poker game. In fact, that happened yesterday and the day before.

4. I met Emily K. Harrison for drinks. She’s reading Moby Dick. She knows what America is. Free gift with purchase: Laura Ann Samuelson, who also knows things. Soon she will know them in Berlin.

5. On my way to the Corner Bar:


I had been watching it stretch out all week. It caught under my hand a few times during yoga, but I guess my poker wishes kept it in place. I thought maybe it would break on Monday. I thought maybe, through some mystery of physics, it would last another week or two. But it broke when I reached into my bag to text Emily about abovementioned drinks. I am ready. And now my wrists are available for what comes next.

6. “I drew a map on you so I wouldn’t get lost” – CA Conrad quoting Doireann O’Malley. You should read this, you can at

7. Lightning.


Walking home from a lecture in which Richard Froude supplied us with twenty-one ways to save the world, I found this:


I walked past him, then back. He is the exact same colour as the asphalt into which he was stomped. I don’t know how I actually saw him. There is chewing gum, also the same gunmetal grey, smashed into his right arm. What he used to stand on is melted or torn away.

At first I thought he was holding two guns, but then I saw the breakage. If he were to shoot now, he would shoot into the fragments of his own rifle. He would destroy his own machinery.

I don’t quite know what to do with him. Maybe he can guard the door:


But I prefer more wishful means: